Best Cheap Smartwatch Under 100 – Budget Smartwatch Reviews 2017


Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular nowadays with more and more features being added on a regular basis. However, due to the addition of various new features, their prices have also risen quite significantly, making them a lot less affordable. Also, for the high prices they come in, there always seems to be better options out there that you can go for. For instance, if you wanted to purchase a smart watch for over $200 then you could even consider going for a cheap tablet that has a lot more capabilities. If you are someone who feels this way about smartwatches, then you could consider looking for one that is a lot more affordable. It goes without saying that these smartwatches will come with a few features missing like NFC or even heart rate tracking. But they still do offer various other features and also provide a decent build quality. Here are some of the best cheap smartwatches in 2017 that you can buy.

There is little doubt that the smartwatch popularity is more than just a fad and with all the available smartwatch options that are already available it can be tough to decide which one is best for you. If you are operating on a budget, one of the premium smartwatches might be out of the question.
That is why we have compiled this list of the best cheap smartwatches based on extensive research of user reviews, sales, design and features. If you are looking to purchase your first smartwatch but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, this is the list for you.

For additional help in making your smartwatch purchase decision, try out Smartwatch Buying Guide to learn all you need to know about smartwatches, their features and what you should expect with your first smartwatch or checkout our best smartwatches guide for some more high-end options.


1. Pebble Steel Smartwatch


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Pebble is probably one of the top brands out there when it comes to cheap smartwatches. The Pebble Steel smartwatch is sold at a very affordable price that is well below $100 making it one of the best cheap watches out there. You can choose between the Black Matte and the Brushed Stainless versions, however, we would definitely recommend the latter due to its premium look. The smartwatch lets you read emails and text or even get notifications of incoming calls and calendar updates. Pebble also has its Pebble Timeline feature which displays all the calendar updates and notifications. You also have the feature to control the music that you are listening to on your smartphone with several different apps supported. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for about 5 to 7 days on a single charge. The glass is made of Corning Gorilla Glass which offers increased durability and resistance to scratches. The watch itself is constructed of a marine-grade stainless steel.

2. Hiwatch Bluetooth Android Smart Watch



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Hiwatch is one of the cheapest smart watches that you can buy as it falls within the sub $50 range. Though the watch is cheap, do not underestimate the features that it provides as it does come loaded with some interesting features. The watch has a 1.50” LCD touch screen display with a 24×240 resolution. You can make and receive calls using the Hiwatch by connecting your smartphone to the watch via Bluetooth. The watch also supports the installation of a sim card, so you can make and receive calls directly from the watch itself. The watch can also be used to monitor your health as it can keep track of things like the burnt calories, walking speed, etc. Apart from this, the watch can also track your sleeping quality if you wear it while you are sleeping. The watch is only compatible with Android phones, however it does offer a variety of features such as hand-free calling, text messaging, social media and you can also check the weather.

3. PowerLead Pwah PL-N20


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The PowerLead Pwah is priced very similar to the Hiwatch and does offer some interesting features as well. The watch has the look and design similar to that of a quartz watch. There is a movement pedometer which lets you keep track of your fitness by calculating things like calories burnt and other motion related data. There is an app on the smart watch which can give you the ability to use the watch as a remote to take pictures from your smartphone which could eliminate the need to use timers. The watch also has a built in compass that allows for navigating outdoors. The build quality of the watch is quite fascinating considering its low price point, as it comes with features like water resistance, sweat resistance and also dust resistance, making it an extremely durable smartwatch. PowerLead lets you exchange the product within 30 days of usage if you find it unsatisfactory and also provide a 2-year warranty with the product.

4. Sony SmartWatch 2


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The Sony SmartWatch 2 is a lot more expensive than the other smart watches mentioned so far, however it does have a few additional features. The watch would cost over $100 right now as the SmartWatch 3 is the latest addition to the series. The watch will let you manage your calls and also provide notifications of any messages that you receive. Further the watch will also vibrate each time you receive a call in order to provide a more reliable notification to you. There are several apps that are available for the watch, including several sports apps and also a music player and calendar. You will be able to pair your smart watch with your smartphone to synchronise messages and calls. There are 3 different variants of the smart watch that you can choose from, with the black version being the standard release. The watch is also water resistant so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged when exposed to water.

5. Smartlife Sweatproof Smart Watch


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The Smartlife Sweatproof Smart Watch is another great option for a quality, affordable smart watch. As the name indicates, the watch is sweat proof and also water resistant so you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged when exposed to rain, or if you wear the watch while you do intense workouts. The watch has a capacitive colour display that is fully touch operated. The screen size is around 1.50 inches which is the standard screen size when it comes to smart watches. The smart watch lets you use hands-free for your calls and also lets you dial calls from the watch itself. The watch can be paired with your smart phone via Bluetooth to access your smart phone features such as camera, phone book and also check your social media networks. You can also use the watch to listen to music via the music player app.

6. StarryBay Smart Watch


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The StarryBay Smart watch is another sub $50 smart watch that you can use to get basic everyday needs. The watch has a full colour capacitive display with three stylish watch faces. The screen is 1.54 inches which is quite sufficient to view and access various features of the watch. The watch is very easy to use and lets you pair with your phone via the Bluetooth mode to get access to some of the features of your phone. You can use the watch as a remote to your phone camera, or can even answer calls and make calls. There is a sports app, called Fundo, which lets you get all the latest updates regarding your favourite sports. It is fully compatible with all android devices, but offers only limited compatibility with iOS devices. There are also other features such as sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, calendar and calculator which makes this a very handy smart watch to get.

7. Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch


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One of the best things about the Martian Watches smart watch is its quartz watch look which could be a huge plus point if that is your taste in watches. The watch serves mainly as a notifier to let you view texts, news updates, social media updates, caller ID, etc. This makes it less feature packed than the other watches that we listed so far, however it does have the advantage of having a somewhat longer battery life. The watch uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery which can be charged via USB, which is included with the watch. The watch is compatible with only selected Android and iOS devices, however if you phone is not outdated yet, then it should more than likely be compatible with it. The 1.5” OLED graphic display should let you see information clearly with the 96×16 pixel resolution that it has.

8. IRONLINK® Smart watch GT08


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The Ironlink Smart Watch GT08 is another cheap watch that gives you good value for your money. The watch has the standard 1.54” display that is operated by touch for smooth operation. You can use the watch to make hands free calls and can receive various updates and notifications. You can pair the watch with your smartphone via the Bluetooth mode in order to unlock various features of your smart phone, like emails, calls, social media and also as a remote camera. It also has the Fundo app which is quite a popular app with smart watches. The watch lets you do various other tasks such as set reminders, lets you listen to music via the music player, monitor your sleep and various other features. You can also use the voice recorder to instantly record any voice notes. It has only limited functions with iOS devices, however it is fully compatible with most Android devices.

9. Pebble Time Smartwatch

Best Cheap Smartwatch

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The Pebble Time Smartwatch is a few dollars more expensive than most of the watches listed here, however it still falls within the $100 range. With the Pebble Time, you can choose between the black, red and white variants depending on your colour preference. The watch has a variety of features such as letting you check your notifications at a glance which you can use to get notifications regarding texts, calls or emails. It also includes the Pebble Health app, which is able to track your fitness related information. There is also a sleep tracker to monitor your sleeping patters. The watch is water resistant for up to 30 meters, so you can wear the watch while you enjoy a swim in the swimming pool. There is a built-in microphone that lets you make voice notes and also to send quick replies to messages that you get. There are also several other apps that you can download off the pebble app store.

Smartwatch Buyer Guide

Smartwatch Basics

The smartwatch is shaping up to become the next big tech device sought after by millions of tech enthusiasts world wide. From new startups like Pebble and Martian to big manufacturers like Samsung and LG, there are many companies jumping into the smartwatch market. Even industry leader Apple has jumped in with the upcoming release of the Apple Watch due early 2015. But, which one should you buy and how do you choose which one is best for you?

There are already many varieties of smartwatches available with new arrivals to the market all the time. Because of this and the relatively young market, many consumers just aren’t quite sure which smartwatch will work best for them. Many smartwatches offer a wide array of features including many different types of apps, texting, voice commands and even fitness apps for tracking steps, your heart rate and more. All of these features can overwhelm even the saviest of consumers making it tough to make the right decision. That is why we decided to create this handy Smartwatch Buying Guide to help you sort through all the different aspects of smartwatches so you can make an informed decision and purchase the smartwatch that will work best for you.




Smartwatch Buying Guide - Pebble SteelOS and Compatibility

Almost every smartwatch on the market offers varying degrees of compatibility to smartphones and other devices. Since most smartwatches are designed to be an extension of your smartphone, you must first discover what OS you are running on your smartphone. For example, the upcoming Apple Watch will only be compatible with the iPhone and iPad and won’t interface with Android at all. However, the Pebble and the Pebble Steel will work on both iOS and Android. Samsung, one of the leaders in the smartwatch category, may have the most devices on the market at the moment, but they only offer compatibility with their devices. Even though their devices run Android, using just any version of Android simply won’t work. You must be using a Samsung Smartphone to use a smartwatch from the company.

Before you begin your smartwatch search, discover what type of OS your smartphone is running and what the specific model is so you can easily check the compatibility of the watches you are considering.

Screen Type

Currently, there are two schools of thought when it comes to screens for the smartwatches – Color and Paper. The Paper displays feature a clear, black and white screen that is easy to ready and view in all lighting conditions. However, many smartphones offer full color screens that allow you to view text and even pictures in their full color glory. While you might think that color is better, the Paper screen offer their own advantages including improved readability and much better battery life. In fact, you can expect a smartwatch to last one or two days longer on a charge when compared to smartwatches with color screens. If you don’t mind charging your watch more often, then the color screen might be for you but if you would rather not have yet another device you constantly have to plug in and charge, the Paper display might be a better choice.

Now that you understand the types of operating systems and screens used by the various smartwatches available on the market, you can now learn more about the interface, design and apps available for these devices in Part 2 below!

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